Roving Reporter: Thoughts on the Vaccine

Sam Calandro

As many know, the coronavirus, or Covid-19 has ravaged the world and created this pandemic, but the country is nearing the end of a difficult time.

After almost a year, the vaccine for the virus has been approved and is being distributed to all those over 12. We have gathered a few interviews to show the positivity many have towards the vaccine.

“Yes. Not with the second dose, but I’m getting it this weekend in Stamford, I think. I would definitely recommend it to other people.”
“I’ve had my first shot, and will get my second shot next week. I got it at Lord and Taylor. I would absolutely recommend it to others, it will keep you and others safe.”
“Yeah, I got my first shot. I got it at CVS. Yeah, it’s safe.”
“I’ll get vaccinated later this year. Yes, I recommend the vaccine to others.”