Mack Haymond, one of our writers, wearing his Oculus Quest One

WiFi Six – What can it do for VR?

October 27, 2020

Earlier this month, the brand new Oculus Quest Two started shipping to customers. The Quest Two is a Virtual Reality headset t...


Clubs from Home: Science Olympiad

October 27, 2020

Middle schoolers are ecstatic that BMS has finally opened up for real, in-person school again. However, there is one thing tha...

What will grading be like from now on?

What will grading be like from now on?

May 6, 2020

In the recent weeks, COVID-19 has shut down many schools and overall areas across the world. This has never happened in recent ti...

“After School” – What Students Are Doing for Fun at Home

May 6, 2020

You finish the last sentence of that LA assignment, and you’re done with online school for today. Well... now what? You can...

BMS on Screens, Technology, and Hubs

BMS on Screens, Technology, and Hubs

March 6, 2020

Chromebooks are the new paper in Bedford. Recently Bedford Middle School has applied a new phone policy which strengthened the...

7th graders select their slices of pizza. Pizza was off the menu for six weeks due to a national ingredient shortage and pizza dough mix that contained sesame and eggs.

Pizza Back on Menu After Six-week Hiatus

January 7, 2020

The. Pizza. Is. Back. For six weeks pizza was missing from the cafeteria at BMS, but this week cheese pizza and pepperoni made...

Vaping Deaths Prompt Warnings

Vaping Deaths Prompt Warnings

November 8, 2019

Everyone knows vaping is bad for you, but if you look at the increasing numbers of teens who vape, some do not seem to care. Would...

What we will remember most 2018 - 2019

What we will remember most 2018 – 2019

June 24, 2019

Well, the end of days is near. The third annual “Ursus” End-Of-Year Poll has been distributed and answered. Below, we see...

When School Doors Close, Summer Reading Opens Up

When School Doors Close, Summer Reading Opens Up

June 16, 2019

As the last days of school approach, Bedford students are, understandably, restless and beaming in the halls. A hum of excitement...

Hold onto your pizza slices. Next year  there will be five lunch waves at BMS.

Planning for ‘19-’20

April 28, 2019

Next year two schools will be one. There are still a lot of details the BOE has to determine. Pods will be merged. There...

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