Editorial: Praise to the Leadership Council


Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, Football Jersey Day, food drives, and gift card wars. Extraordinary events that aren’t the usual take place in BMS thanks to our Spirit and Leadership council. They create a more open-minded atmosphere, and strive for every student to be as expressive as possible at the latest events, all the while helping communities near and far.

“Hands of Thanks (thank your teachers and staff at BMS) is my favorite initiative. I can see how the students feel good when they show appreciation for their teachers while the teachers feel appreciated by their students,” said Sara Harding, a spirit and leadership council advisor.
The council takes time out of their day to make both teachers and students happy as well as spreading effective positive influence around the school. “My Favorite event was Soup-er Bowl because it includes getting excited for major sporting events and feeding the less fortunate in the local community,” said Daniel Barberio, another leadership council advisor.

Not only do they assist in the BMS school community, they make sure they are able to help in the bigger local community. Food drives and or gift card wars are all driven by something particular that stands out to students at BMS.

The members of the leadership council make sure that while they are providing community service, they are also receiving the amusement of fun motivating competitions driven by BMS students.

Mrs. Harding also addresses the positive outpouring she noticed of some particular events. “During the hands of thanks, it felt like the morale is up, and the energy is more positive,” she said.

Participating in the events lets them know how effectively their objective and message of positive morale and better social connection with each other is spreading; this allows the council to understand the various student groups preferences at our school better. “As the year goes on it’s nice to see students comfortable coming up with more ideas and wanting to make a difference in their school community. It shows a true desire to help the school and the larger community, “ said Mr. Barberio.The new ideas, new suggestions for school theme initiatives, help them to be independent and pro-active with what they think our community needs. This also allows them to practice their creative skills.Furthermore, both Mrs. Harding and Mr. Barberio, including the members of the leadership council, spread awareness about fun events and coping strategies in school bulletins or on the TVs.

Let us take some time to acknowledge and appreciate the spirit and leadership council, as well as all they’ve done to create a better and more pleasant space in the world and in our school.