Valentine’s Day? No Thanks, Not Yet

Valentine’s Day?  No Thanks, Not Yet

In my personal opinion, Valentine’s Day can go one of two ways.
One, you get rejected.

Two, you don’t.

Not to mention, for middle schoolers Valentines day in COVID is practically asking for trouble.

Imagine, if you will, that you have a pair of seventh graders, Charlie and Jessica.

Charlie is just a normal kid, normal hobbies, normal everything, but he hasn’t been diagnosed with COVID yet and hasn’t shown any symptoms.

Jessica, on the other hand, is just as normal as Charlie. Charlie has a crush on Jessica. So he goes out and buys a Valentine’s gift for Jessica.

Turns out, Jessica caught COVID and her family has to quarantine.
Now back to what I was saying at the beginning, getting rejected on Valentine’s day stinks.

I haven’t personally been rejected, but I’ve seen people who have. So back to Charlie and Jessica. Let’s say Charlie doesn’t have COVID. So he goes out, gets the gift, and writes a heartfelt letter to Jessica. When he gives it to her, all she has to say to him is “No,” it completely destroys him.

Young love is just a recipe for disaster.

And about love.

I think having a love life below about 11th grade is pretty pointless. I’ve seen it firsthand. Back in 5th grade in an elementary school far, far away (Maryland), there was this kid who was the spitting image of the villain from Despicable Me. Anyways, he started “dating” this girl for about two weeks, then, spring break came around and guess what?

He was “dating” another girl.

Now, their relationship lasted for a decent four weeks and, then they “broke up.”

I just think that there can be no substance for a relationship. You just go out for ice cream once, claim to be “dating” for two weeks and then you hand a binder to somebody else and it’s all over.

But when you’re older, you can actually maintain a relationship, as you can actually go places and sustain the relationship.

In short, Valentine’s day is just a way to get disappointed, heart broken, and possibly catch COVID. Young relationships are pretty pointless because there is no way to keep them going long-term.