Just Where do All Those Pencils Go?

Have you ever sat down in math class and noticed that you don’t have any pencils?
Along with me, there is a history of kids constantly losing their pencils. My solution is to just keep bringing one to school each day, but while I’m doing this, I can’t help but wonder, “Where do all the pencils go?”

Maybe they’re trying to escape. I wouldn’t blame them. I mean, we treat pencils badly. We take their heads and erode them down to nothing. We use them until they are blunt, then shove them into a machine that grinds up their “body” until they are as small as your thumb. What’s their reward? The garbage can.

Wait, can you hear that? Yep, that’s them screaming.

Maybe they go to –Pennsylvania on vacation to restore their bodies.

Did you know in the year 2017, an Ursus staff member named Nick Fischel, picked up every discarded pencil in the school? I wonder how many he picked up, hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

Some teachers are kind enough to bring pencils into their classrooms for kids who don’t have pencils. Within literal seconds, every single pencil is gone! Teachers waste their money on bringing box after box of pencils that students take and lose within a day!

Is it just me, or do you always notice lead pencils and not mechanical pencils on the floor? What’s up with that? Rude. Do you think that lead pencils are number one or number two to us? Practically everyone uses mechanical pencils for the new trend and just throws trusty lead pencils to the side.

So, think twice before you toss a lead pencil into the garbage because you never know when they might come back and strike.