Brandy Melville: the Social Side of the Story


Clothes from Brandy Melville come in one size, and the company has drawn criticism for the message that might be sending.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Brandy Melville? Shopping? Clothes for girls? Sure. Let’s edit that to the truth– One-size clothing that sends the wrong message to girls all over.

Why does this happen? Perhaps because it makes girls think that if the size doesn’t fit them, there is something wrong with their bodies.

Some of the girls I interviewed had felt ashamed and the need to change themselves because of this store.

“Some things are either way too big or way too small. I guess that is how they make it, but it is still a little annoying.’ said one of the people I interviewed.

This person may feel comfortable with their body and may be okay with clothes not fitting perfectly, but that is not the case for everybody.

Some girls may believe that if the attire from this store is too small, they are overweight, which should not be put into the minds of pre-teens and teenagers. Girls could also think that they are not developed enough, in many places that take time to grow.

This is not the right message either, and kids should never feel insecure about their bodies. Everybody grows and develops at their own speed, and if a popular store makes people think otherwise, this problem will just increase, not subside.

Young kids are under a lot of pressure about body image, and do not need the additional stress.

Youth is something to cherish, not to rush.