Mask Breaks when the Thermometer Drops

October 21, 2020

Currently, students go outside for their mask break/recess.  Recess has never been so crucial. It's the only time of the day w...



October 20, 2020

Today, the Department Of Justice filed a claim against Google for monopoly laws. For years, Google has been paying lots of...

The content in lockers are going to have to be picked up and school materials at home brought back:  Not easy in the COVID pandemic.

Bedford Middle School’s Supply Exchange

June 7, 2020

On March 11, the students of Bedford Middle School grabbed their instruments, school Chromebooks, and backpacks as they received ...

COVID-19 Myths

Dylan O, Staff Writer

May 20, 2020

“Black people are immune.”   “You are only affected if you are over 65.”   “It's like the flu.” These three statements have one thing in common: They are myths and are not true. These myths, and others, are circulating the internet right now. The danger of these myths may be as severe as the virus itself. In response to the black people ...

Groups of Bedford Middle School Science Olympiad students joke around, study to prepare for their events, and help each other out.

Cancellation of Science Olympiad’s States and Nationals

May 20, 2020

Working diligently since September, members of the Bedford Science Olympiad team have worked together to research, study, and sometim...

Westport Calls a Delayed Opening So Teachers Can Plan for What if

Westport Calls a Delayed Opening So Teachers Can Plan for What if

March 10, 2020

On March 9, the Westport school district sent an email to all parents informing them of a three hour delay the following mornin...

New Club Helps to Decrease Waste

New Club Helps to Decrease Waste

March 6, 2020

You may have heard the term eco before, but have you heard of the Eco Squad? Global warming is being touted as the largest...

Captain Soldavini with baby kangaroo in January. The fires have destroyed homes, and they have killed people and wildlife.

Sparking the Flame of Giving Back

March 6, 2020

Mrs. Kristina Rodriguez, a 7th grade LA teacher in Purple Pod, raised money to help those people and animals affected by the Australian...

Respect paid to victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Anti-Semitism on the Rise Across America

March 6, 2020

To anyone who watches the news it’s obvious: anti-Semitism is on the rise. According to ADL, an organization that tracks hate...

Killing of Iranian General Stirs Tension in Mid East, U.S.

Will Enquist and Dylan O'Brien

March 6, 2020

Picture thousands of Marines rushing onto planes to confront one of the largest threats in U.S. history; tensions rise as both sides move closer to an engagement; warnings are sent through neutral countries as the media goes into a frenzy. Middle schoolers may know a few things about the current situation with Iran through social media platforms...

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