Baseball Stadiums are going to be empty and players don't know what to expect.

When will Sports Make a Comeback

May 6, 2020

On March,11 2020, Rudy Gobert of the NBA’s Utah Jazz tested positive for COVID-19.  Later that night the NBA suspended it’s ...


Westport Baseball and Softball Programs Suspended At Least Until Schools Open

May 6, 2020

Westport’s youth baseball fields, normally bustling with kids, parents, and coaches, are eerily silent. Citing fears about ...

Roderick Strong trying to avoid a moonsault by “limitless” Keith Lee during WWE’s NXT.

Is it Fake? Yeah, Is That a Problem?

March 6, 2020

Please picture this: you’re at the Barclays Center on a Friday night, you’re surrounded by thousands of people chanting “YES,...

Tom Brady and Bill Belichek have been dynamic duo forever 20 years.

For Patriots, Will They Stay or Will One Go?

March 6, 2020

Will Tom Brady stay or leave. That’s the question everyone’s asking. Even during Super Bowl Week, discussions were going...

Despite the cost, time and effort, 6th grader Nate Armstrong enjoys participating in competitive ski races.

The Tough but Rewarding Sport of Skiing

January 8, 2020

You are skiing down the side of the mountain and a big group of kids go flying right by you, all in perfect form. It makes you...

Jeremy Schapp, a Staples grad and WWPT radio alum, and lives in Westport with his wife and three kids.

Jeremy Schapp Covers the Issues in Sports

January 8, 2020

On Thursday, Nov. 21, Staples graduate, Jeremy Schapp, a sports writer and reporter for ESPN, spoke at an event called “Speakeasy”...

Andy Cerrito and Lukas Rosen worked with other team members to coordinate the team’s support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Pink Like the Pros

November 8, 2019

Out of the locker room they come, donning their navy blue, white and this past month—pink, Every October, in Westport, our...

Noah Syndergaard has struggled to put away batters this season.

New York Baseball Always Interesting

June 17, 2019

First off, let’s talk about the Yankees who are 40-20 and in second place in their division. So far, they are somehow cruising...

This 7th grader ran his timed mile in a blistering 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

Timed Mile Can Help Kids Become Healthy

June 17, 2019

On your mark, get set, go! The timed mile is an annual event in PE at least once a year. It is part of the Connecticut physical...

Bedford teachers run after school for fun and for health.  Next year a club is in the plans to get middle schoolers running and enjoying these benefits as well.

BMS Running Club Takes its First Steps

April 28, 2019

Of the many clubs at BMS, many include non-physical activities like art, gardening, rocketry, music, and much more. But when it...

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