2017-2018 Staff

Natalie Bandura

Staff Writer

Natalie, first joined as a seventh grader, but now as an eigth grader she has already served as an issue Editor-in-chief.  She likes to write poems and stories and she excels at journalism. "I am really proud of winning the PTA...

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Henry Carson

Staff Writer

Henry is a sixth grader who has already left his mark on "Ursus." in the first issue alone, he wrote two articles and took pictures to help round out the coverage of his school. Thorough and dependable, Henry is a great addition...

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Finnegan Courtney

Staff Writer

Finnegan Courtney loves to write fantasy and loves journalism. "Writing is just something I've always loved," said Finnegan. He joined as a sixth grader, but now as a seventh grader he wants to do even more things for the paper. ...

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Paige Farlow

Staff Writer

Paige is new to Bedford this year, and was previously at Greens Farms Academy. She enjoys drawing and playing music in her spare time. She hopes to write many great articles while a part of "Ursus".

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Samantha Felner

Staff Writer

Sam is an eighth grader who enjoys writing and taking on tough challenges for the paper.  In her first article, she gathered information and pictures from seven new teachers to help make the center spread.  Welcome Samantha.

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James Fiffer


James is a sixth grader who wants to do one thing:  take pictures.  Quick with the "Ursus" camera and with a good eye, James took many photos for his first issue.  You can't have a paper without photos, and James helps the...

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Nick Fischel

Staff Writer

Nick is a welcome creative addition to the "Ursus" staff.  An eighth grader, Nick has a unique wit, and he enjoys writing articles that uncover the life of BMS students and the school in general. Who else would collect discarded...

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Leilani Fleming

Staff Writer

Staff bio in production.

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Merel Kanter

Staff Writer

Bio in production

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Jaiyana Khan

Staff Writer

Jaiyana is a cheerful girl who greatly enjoys writing. When she is not doing Ursus, you will most likely find her listening to music, writing, drawing, or talking with friends. She keeps a personal writing notebook with her at...

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Max Kirkorsky

Staff Writer

When not doing Ursus, Max likes to help backstage in play productions.  Max likes to write about the news and what is going on today.  Max likes lacrosse and football.  You'll find him wearing a shirt for the Green Bay Packers.

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Betti Kobak

Staff Writer

Bio in production

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Tierney Kugel

Staff Writer

Tierney is an eighth grader who enjoys writing about important school topics.  She is thorough, asks good questions and has a reporter's curiosity about issues.  She and her good friend Dylan are a welcome addition to the "Ursus"...

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Nicholas Lolis

Staff Writer

Nicholas loves photography. He is always ready to take photos. He's a 6th grader who also enjoys being on the job. He likes reading, writing, school. He's also interested in politics.

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Dylan Rhoads

Staff Writer

Dylan is an eighth grader who loves to write and read. She and her good friend Tierney have already contributed news articles and opinions and graphics to the paper. She has a journalist's good sense to ask questions and be curious.

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Naomi Rosen

Staff Writer

Naomi is a sixth grader who manages to balance a love of music with a love of taking pictures and interviewing people.  She is creative and curious and artistic. We look forward to her work throughout the year.

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Anastasia Thumser

Staff Writer

Anastasia, an 8th grader, enjoys writing both fictional pieces and journalism. When not writing articles for "Ursus," she can be found swimming for the Water Rats or practicing various violin pieces. She especially likes reading...

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Evan Trock

Staff WRiter

Bio in production

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Rachalle Ubaldo

Staff Writer

Rachalle joined "Ursus" because she likes to take photos, write articles and talk to people.  What better thing to do after school than the school paper.  She has already covered Pajama Day and the Fun Run.  She likes the web...

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Lucia Wang

Staff Writer

Drawn in by the writing sign outside the "Ursus" classroom, Lucia Wang joined "Ursus" as a sixth grader, and this year as a seventh grader is taking on even more complex stories and editing.  Specializing in reviews, Lucia is...

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Nikhil Kanthan

Staff Writer

Nikhil Kanthan is 7th grader at BMS who is joining "Ursus" for his first year of scholastic journalism. He enjoys playing the cello, using Photoshop, and spending time with his family. "I hate cliches," says this child determined...

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