2018-2019 Staff

Finnegan Courtney


Finnegan Courtney loves to write. He especially likes to write journalism. "Writing is just something I've always loved," said Finnegan. He became the first sixth grader to join "Ursus," but now as an eighth grader, he is the...

James Fiffer


James is a seventh grader who wants to do one thing:  take pictures.  Quick with the "Ursus" camera and with a good eye, James took many photos for his first issue.  You can't have a paper without photos, and James helps the...

Preston Stroka


Ryan Tzou

Staff Writer

Isabella Martensen

Staff Writer

Henry Carson

Staff Writer

Henry is a sixth grader who has already left his mark on "Ursus." in the first issue alone, he wrote two articles and took pictures to help round out the coverage of his school. Thorough and dependable, Henry is a great addition...

Nicholas Lolis

Staff Writer

Nicholas loves photography. He is always ready to take photos. He's a 6th grader who also enjoys being on the job. He likes reading, writing, school. He's also interested in politics.

Nikhil Kanthan

Staff Writer

Nikhil Kanthan is 7th grader at BMS who is joining "Ursus" for his first year of scholastic journalism. He enjoys playing the cello, using Photoshop, and spending time with his family. "I hate cliches," says this child determined...

Ryan Hong


Ryan is new to the "Ursus" team and is looking to write about things he is passionate about, such as books. He has very strong feelings about his opinions, and he likes to believe that he is a good writer. He is somewhat kno...

Ko Seltzer


Ko Seltzer is a seventh grader with an affinity for playing sports and writing, especially in journalism and science fiction. He decided to join "Ursus" this year because he enjoys writing in newspapers because of the adventures that ...



Anna Ji




Jack Hong


Noah Oren

Theater Critic

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