Our Planet Needs Us

In half a century, there is a good chance that statistically you will be alive, but many of the adults you know–teachers, parents, politicians, coaches­–will not.
And that means the job of managing the climate and taking care of our planet will become the responsibility of our generation, due to the very negligence,

ignorance and stalling of our ancestors.

We cheer and support the efforts of the ECO club for trying to make the school more ecologically healthy and lead by example.

Staff Editorial”

We no longer have the luxury of putting problems aside for the future. For better or for worse, we have inherited a role that no one wants. Major climate problems are approaching fast and, currently, the older generations’ best effort isn’t enough.

Although scientists are working on ways to slow down climate change, some people like President Trump aren’t exactly helping matters.
According to the article, Greta Thumberg reaches New York after Atlantic crossing on zero-carbon yeht is delayed by rough seas, He put America first, claiming that “the Paris Accord will undermine [the U.S.] economy.” Some people might not believe in climate change; therefore, ignoring the warning signs or significantly underestimating the severity of it all.

But in who knows how many years, when floods and droughts become a problem to everyone, it will not matter which country is most successful, only that we stop this upcoming disaster.

In the upcoming 2020 election, health care seems to be the top voting issue. But climate change will alter our planet, and not for the better, if we don’t find a reliable way to save the earth.