Ursus Lets You Speak Out

In March of 2019, a story broke about 34 parents accused of fraud because they purchased special access to falsified tests scores and fake applications to gain entrance to 14 colleges for their children. We asked Bedford students and teachers about the issue.

Curtiss Sullivan
It’s really terrible that parents were doing this and that their kids didn’t know. I feel bad for the kids because they didn’t know, and now they are being kicked out because of the fact that colleges do not want to be associated with it. __a Sixth grader
Finnegan Courtney
I find it unfair for all the students who work hard because there are a lot of kids who work very hard to get into colleges.__an Eighth Grader
Finnegan Courtney
I think it’s pretty bad and it’s really disappointing. It’s a disgrace that you can pay to get into a collage.__an Eighth Grader
Henry Carson
I think that in towns like Westport and in Fairfield County, there is an unhealthy amount of pressure to get into schools, even in middle school, I see kids worrying about it now. The scandal is a result of the broken system making it not equal for everyone.__Mrs. Cecily Anderson, Art Teacher
Finnegan Courtney
You shouldn’t have to cheat in order to get into colleges.__Mr. Brian Kurtz, 6th Grade Science