A Well-Deserved Thank You


Bedford Yearbook

We, the staff of Ursus, believe it is clear that it is has been a difficult year for many in the Westport Public Schools family.
And there is a lot of praise for the people who have made this year a little less difficult to navigate. Thank you to the administration for new lockers, schedules and keeping the school together. Thank you to the teachers who have taught us under less than ideal circumstances such as being moved out of pods and relocated, but through it all, you have been able to teach us a lot.


— The Staff

But they are not the focus of this editorial. The entire staff would like to give a huge thank you to the under-appreciated —at least by students— custodians. They clean up the trash left by both 1,150 students and 250 staff and teachers throughout a typical school day.

They restock supplies, they pick up after lunch in the cafe and snack in our pods. They move desks, chairs, and carefully take kids’ belongings down to the lost and found.
In any year, this would already be a difficult task, but with the addition of Coleytown 6th and 7th grades the job of maintaining the school has become even harder. We asked Dr. Rosen about the custodians and their work.

“The BMS custodial team, lead by Head Custodian Mr. Ott and Assistant Head Custodian Mr. Durost, have done an incredible job making sure our school is a clean, orderly, and welcoming facility for our students and staff. Our custodians have a great deal of pride in their work and considering the unique circumstances of this particular school year, which has added considerable pressure on their workload, they are unsung heroes at BMS.”

And the staff cannot agree more with his sentiments. So, one more time, thank you to all the custodians who do so, so much for us.