Pencils, Everywhere


Karen Flinn

Two 8th graders and their wonderous pencil efforts

Mack Haymond, Staff Writer

Nearly 5,000.

That’s how many pencils were collected over the years by Spencer Yim, Whitman Teplica and Jeffery Pogue. Long, hard hours spent to collect countless numbers of pencils.
Why do such a thing?

“We wanted to give back to the community. It’s such a waste having all these old pencils. We wanted to give them a second life, “ said Spencer.
As everyone knows, at the end of the day, BMS students seem to not care about these tools students use so often in their school day.

The collecting of the pencils was also part of an art project called “Lost.” Jeffrey, while collecting the pencils, was making a large pencil house, and storing it in Ms. Anderson’s kiln room. Now, this long project is done, and Jeffery, Whitman, Spencer and some friends are now repackaging all the pencils and delivering them to teachers for next year.

“All a sudden, this cart shows up with boxes and tubs full of pencils. And they were all sharpened! I think it’s so cool that they spent the time saving these much needed things,” said 8th grade LA teacher Stephen Rexford.