Giving them Shelter

Some of the animals looking for a home in the Westport Animal Shelter.

Makayla Hein

Some of the animals looking for a home in the Westport Animal Shelter.

An animal shelter is a poor home for a dog or any animal. All animals belong in a living home where they will have people to take care of them.
Th Westport Humane society located on Post Road East in Westport is an animal shelter that rescues various types of animals, like cats, dogs, or hamsters.

It hopes to “enrich the Connecticut community it serves by placing safe, healthy companion animals in responsible, loving homes.”
The helpers at the shelter know that animals are just like us. They need homes and places to feel safe. Horrible stories like a pit bull puppy being stabbed 50 times and being left on the side of the road to die, makes everyone want to help animals.

On March 5, 2022, I went down to the Westport Humane Society to get some pictures of the animals. On this day there was one dog and four cats.
The dog was blind and had to wait for the right person to take her home because she was an older dog and was blind and she needed extra special care. There were also four cats and one was a black cat named Ninja. He was the most precious cat I have seen but since he is a black cat no one seems to want to adopt him.

The other two cats are Cookie and Ginger. Their mom died when they were born so they are waiting for adoption. The last cat is pregnant and we could not see because her she needs special care.

It is a really good thing that there are only a few animals in the shelter. Many animals after a period of time of being in the shelter are euthanized. This is done to many breeds of dogs and not just pit bulls. After a certain period of time dogs are, sadly, put on the euthanization list.
But those who work with these animals hope it never comes to that. The organization stands by the goals it states on its website.

“The Connecticut Humane Society is the oldest and most comprehensive animal welfare organization in the state and helps thousands of pets every year. Envisioning a Connecticut where each companion animal finds a permanent, compassionate home, where communities are enriched by the special bond between people and animals, and where animal cruelty no longer exists.”