Surfing the Streets on One Wheel

Some BMSers get to school a little differently!


Makayla Hein

Future motion! A sixth-grader on her One wheel rolling through life seeking adventure; it may be dangerous but she is willing to take the risk.

Makayla Hein, Staff Writer

The Onewheel is something that riders say everyone will immediately fall in love with. All kids think it looks cool, and it is cool.
The Onewheel is something you feel free on like snowboarding. It’s like being on the slopes, but any time of the year. Or, if snow is not your thing, like surfing on land.

The Onewheel is so smooth it can go off-road to do trails and some jumps, or you can just cruise along on the road.

This is how it works. There is a battery in the wheel to keep it moving. There are sensors in the footpads which recognize weight once you lean forward. This moves you forward. To stop, riders lean backward, and once they are balanced lifting a front heel slows the machine.

Careful, using this motorized skateboard does involve practice and balance.

You can buy many different accessories for the Onewheel. But you can buy some things for yourself too.

Some of the items you can buy for the Onewheel are a fender, bumper, a handle, a supercharger, flight fins, rail guards, a backpack to carry it in, a side stand, extra footpads, charger plugs, and a Onewheel mat.

Some things you can buy for yourself are a mini finger kit that is a mini Onewheel that you can play with your fingers, lots of types of helmets, stickers, different hats and beanies, hoodies, socks, shirts, gift cards, tank tops, and padding in case you fall.

The one wheel can go around 12-18 miles a day on one charge.

A 6th grader enjoying her one wheel. (Makayla Hein)

This activity does come with a price tag. It ranges in price from $950 to the XR, which costs around $1,800.

With the XR+ there is more mileage, thicker footpads and it is more advanced. With this newer technology, you can have more fun riding and take longer trips. There is also a newer battery pack that allows you to get that more mileage and to ride longer.

The inventor of the Onewheel is Kyle Doerksen. This amazing invention that kids love was created in 2015 in Santa Cruz.

But you really have to be careful. The injuries start from small scrapes to broken bones. The Onewheel is very popular. Kids all over the world can ride the Onewheel. It is an amazing feature that has come into this world.

The Onewheel fender is one thing that is a really helpful accessory. It prevents rocks and water from spraying you in the legs. It also prevents your shoes from getting burned from the wheel rubbing on them. One costs around $25 and comes in many colors. (
Pads are for protecting your knees, wrists, and elbows for when you fall to prevent them from getting scraped. These hand pads cost around $30 and you can buy them on Amazon. (
This is a helmet. It protects your head for when you fall and prevents you from cracking your skull. You can buy it for $70-80$ on (