Parent Perspectives on Attire


Dress codes have been around ever since school has started. In the past, people were okay with them, but as time has gone on, the ideas about their purpose and what they might mean started changing.

Schools and students started doubting the idea of dress codes, and parents were a part of the discussion too.
Micheal Stone, executive director of student and equity services in New Jersey, presented results of a survey that asked one question:

Should there be a school uniform? The survey was held around the United States in many elementary, middle and high schools, and the results overwhelmingly said that students disagreed with dress codes.

Total data showed 91percent of students voted against having a school uniform policy. Clearly, we can see students’ opinions about the limitations of what clothes they should be putting on their own bodies.

But students are only part of the equation.

Parents purchase the clothes and have opinions on the dress of their children. What do parents think about dress codes. Would they be okay with their child being told what to wear or not?

Dress coding students does not sound like such a big deal to everyone, but 22 states in the this country authorize schools to implement a dress code or a uniform policy according to the Education Commission of the States.

But there is another side to it. The parents have their own opinions about their children. “School is a safe place these days where no one should judge you. So dress codes should not be allowed. They also do not allow you to show your own identity,” said Malena Brandao, the parent of a friend of mine. This is a good example of why parents think that dress codes shouldn’t be allowed in school. Some parents, however, think that there should be dress codes in schools or guidelines to put some limitations on what is appropriate for school.

These parents think that it adds some school etiquette. It also shows that they have some sort of awareness in what they are wearing.

I spoke to a relative who told me her opinion about dress codes. “Yes they should have dress codes. Because it shows uniformity, and it shows the decency of kids,” said Ashwini Belhe. This tells us that parents think that dress codes show some sort of formality. It actually looks like you are going to school instead of looking like you are going to hang out with friends or family.

There are more specific reasons why people think there shouldn’t be dress codes though. Some parents think that dress codes are very specifically pointed at some people.

“Dress codes are very sexist toward girls. Usually the girls have limitations on the length of their clothes. But dress codes should be on both of them,” says Mrs. Belhe.

This also shows us why some parents think that dress codes are unfair. They do not teach any discipline and just cause inequality between everyone in the school with a dress code, believes Ms. Belhe.