Kids learn about Media at BTV



BTV uses high-tech media equipment like these cameras and green screen to produce interesting projects.

BTV (Bedford Television) is a new club run by 7th grade social studies teacher Ms Alexis Aaeng, and it is centered around school-wide video production.

“BTV is Bedford’s latest iteration of our very own TV program,” said Ms. Aaeng Rather than taking the more traditional daily news approach, we decided to try making a series of monthly specials themed based on the month and season. Everything we release is written, filmed, produced, and edited by students and it has been so exciting to see everyone’s creativity and talent in action.”

BTV has a group of about 30 students working to make new videos to be shared around the school. These videos will include news information, interviews, shorts, and a lot of fun.

BTV is written, filmed, edited, produced, and published all by students from all grades at BMS. These include events for history months, special holidays, events, and sometimes just for fun.

It is similar to the old CMS video content network known as BAM, with a newer group of students. These programs include a large segment for women’s history month, with lots of interviews with notable women, numerous features, and informative segments supporting this national celebration.

Members will also release a short teaser for what will come later on in a few weeks. The episodes will be fully edited by their technology team.
“BTV is working in a group for a common goal to make this video content. We enjoy helping out and working on it. I do this club because I want to make creative things to be shared across the school, and also to just have a good time making it,” BTV member Ann Marie Maccaro said.
If you want to join BTV, you can. Ms. Aaeng allows anybody to come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in room 222, with a studio in room 276.
You can help them with creating scripts, interviewing others, editing videos and interviews, setting up cameras, filming, working on tech, and even being on camera. If you enjoy editing, script writing, and just working on creativity with friends, you should join BTV, because it can be fun.