Building Bricks, Building Childhoods


When you walk into a children’s room, chances are that you will see some LEGO bricks sprawled all over the floor as someone accidentally steps on one and lurches back in surprise and pain.

“My five year old got a LEGO brick stuck in their nose!” says the academic support teacher Ms. Douglas
LEGOs are a building item that most adults and kids love for their playability, creativity, and display purposes. With just a handful of bricks you can build beyond amazing structures referred to in the LEGO community as MOC’s.

MOC stands for My Own Creation and is a term the lego builders use to define their own LEGO builds that did not come with a box and instructions.

The LEGO building block system was created in August 1932 in Billund, Denmark. The LEGO company used to create furniture like ladders, couches, chairs, and more before they made toys. The word “Lego” comes from the Danish phrase “leg godt” which translates to “Play Well” in English. In 1932, LEGO started making wooden toys like piggy banks, houses, pull toys, as well as trucks and cars. LEGO couldn’t make a lot of money out of this because the great depression was affecting their business. Sometimes farmers would trade in crops for toys.

Since the Great Depression was affecting their business they kept making furniture to keep their business going. LEGO came to reflect childhood imagination around the world with the plastic brick that is now one of the most popular toys created. It was a great learning tool as well because lots of kids didn’t go to school during the Great Depression or because of financial issues. And even after almost 90 years of creativity the LEGO company still thrives to inspire new young minds with their amazing product and various playability opportunities with multiple franchises being transformed into the iconic LEGO design. This product has limitless opportunities and will likely be used for many years to come. “Sometimes I just decide to freebuild with some blocks I find lying around.” Rohan Sareen 7th grade.