Mrs. Martinik Retires; BMS Says Goodbye

It is said that a teacher affects eternity, but at some point, a teacher has to sit back and watch as their students take their own places in the world.

After 41 years of teaching, Mary Martinik, a physical education teacher at Bedford Middle School, is retiring from her career.

Ever since she was a child, Mary Martinik was inspired to become a physical education teacher. She loved her career of helping teach students to be healthy.

She has been teaching in Westport for 24 years, and she has been at Bedford Middle School since its beginning. Before Bedford, she taught at Coleytown Middle School and Staples High School. She has

“My hopes are that students will have some tools in their physical and emotional toolbox to keep themselves healthy for a lifetime.”

— Mary Martinik

been an athletic director at Staples, served as K-12 health coordinator, and taught health as well.
Next, she chose to teach physical education. She loves seeing students active and says that she loves her job so much that it doesn’t feel like work. “My hopes are that students will have some tools in their physical and emotional toolbox to keep themselves healthy for a lifetime,” she said.

Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the light go on in a student’s eye and having kids come back to visit her because educators don’t know if they’ve made an impact right away. “Everyday I gain energy from my students, and the energy propels me to try to be as creative and mindful to my students as possible.”

Samantha Taylor
Mrs. Martinik being recognized with a surprise ceremony at a “Blue and Gold” game.

She has had an impact on many, many students. “She taught me to keep working towards my goals and to try my hardest even if something is not my strongest skill,” said Samantha Webster, a former student of Mary Martinik.

In addition to teaching physical education, Mary Martinik ran the Bedford Student Council. She had been involved since the beginning, now making it 17 years. The council gives students the opportunity to give back to the school. She chose to run it because she had a passion outside of teaching to recognize that it’s not just about themselves. The most rewarding part of the Student Council to her is having students get to know others, and seeing their willingness to volunteer. In her place, health teacher and PE teacher Daniel Barbiero and health teacher Don Savage will be taking over the Student Council.
Her mid-year departure does not mark the end of her work helping others. Mary Martinik plans on volunteering at Yale to help premature babies and nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“Mary was a dedicated physical educator for over 40 years who had a lot to offer her students. She was hard working and had a true passion for her job in P.E.. It was a pleasure to work with her for over a decade,” said PE teacher Kristin Ryan. All & all, Mary Martinik is a teacher to remember at BMS forever!