Can Drive Brings in 3,370 Items of Food

Shivali Kanthan, Staff Writer

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Every year around Thanksgiving time, Bedford sixth graders start donating cans and boxed food to a homeless shelter by the name of The Gillespie Center. This event has been going on for many years including this year. The can drive lasts two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break. In total, the whole 6th grade Red Team donated around 1,500 cans, the Green Team donated about 1,100 cans, and the Purple Team donated about 770 cans, creating a grand total of 3370 cans this year. Both teachers and students have their opinions about this fundraiser. Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, the 6th grade Red Team science teacher said, “I love that students work together to achieve a goal, but I worry that some students feel pressure to donate more than their family might be comfortable with.” While sixth Grader, Claire Evans, from the Red Team says, “I liked it. I mean I think it was fun and it helps people in need.” Kate Rodriguez from the 6th grade Green Team says, “I liked having the power to make an impact on the community, and being able to help a good cause.” This PTA run event gives 6th graders an opportunity to help others in need.

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