What Happened to the Rainbow Stickers?


Mehmet Madigan

Pride stickers found on many BMS doors declared safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ people

On August 29, students of Bedford Middle School walked to their new classes, but that summer before, someone removed all of the pride rainbow stickers.

The case of the missing stickers is something everybody should be aware of. But don’t make accusations yet, because the truth is still being figured out.

All of Bedford’s pride stickers had disappeared around the building. A month ago; this was discovered and new stickers were ordered immediately. The UBU club is working hard to restore the pride representation in the building.

Many are asking how who would do such a thing? We here at Ursus are trying to solve this case.

One recent interview was done by Maia Stiegler She interviewed the head custodian Mr. Mgele. He claims that he did not tell any of his staff to take the stickers down. Another interview Maia did was with Mr. Don Savage. The BMS health teacher.

He claims he did not know anything about this situation until the interviewer informed him.

Who did it? We can’t know for sure who took the stickers, but there are many possibilities. Of the kids and teachers who could have done it. Everyone in this school is hopeful that this was an accident and will not happen again.