ChatGPT’s AI Impacts Schools and Learning


AI technology is constantly advancing, and many new AI sites that can create computer generated art and even act like a human are emerging.

A new AI chatbot called ChatGPT can chat with you as though it’s a human itself, and can also write paragraphs and essays.

ChatGPT was created by a company called OpenAI, which aims to research and create Artificial Intelligence that “benefits humanity as a whole.” This is the most highly sophisticated AI that is available to the general public, and all people have to do is make an account for free.

OpenAI trained this AI by showing it examples from both the internet and from actual conversations with people.

ChatGPT can write as though it were a certain age or in a specific grade if a reader asks it to, as well as in a certain style.

The AI chatbot won’t give the same answer multiple times, so teachers won’t be able to tell if a student directly copied and pasted an assignment.

At Bedford, this is blocked on school computers and school accounts.

I asked ChatGPT to “Write a paragraph like a 7th grader comparing a middle school to lemonade.” Then I created a paragraph myself. Can you guess which is written by an actual 7th grader, and which was the AI?

Option 1: “Middle school is like lemonade. It can be sweet and refreshing, but sometimes it can be sour and make you pucker your face. Just like how you can add more sugar to make the lemonade sweeter, you can work hard and get good grades to make your middle school experience more enjoyable.

Option 2: “Lemonade and middle school have differences and similarities. Lemonade is a drink, and middle school is a place where children from the age of eleven to fourteen go to learn. They are obviously very different at first glance. But if you dig a little bit deeper, they actually can be similar. You may have heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Lemons can be sour, but lemonade is delicious and sweet. Similarly, middle school can throw many challenges at you, especially with academics, but we have to make the best of them.

Do you think you know which one the AI wrote? Check on our website for the answer.
The chatbot is constantly learning from users’ chats, and will gather them to answer questions more accurately and specifically in the future.

There is controversy over who owns what ChatGPT writes. The program takes information, inspiration, and style from other people and many things of the sources online that do not belong to ChatGPT.

Many others argue ChatGPT is synthesizing its own output. In addition, this AI chatbot is still in Beta and is not entirely accurate. This is an extreme advancement in AI, and there’s a lot more to come.