Winter Concerts Showcase Musical Talent


It’s winter, and the concerts were a success.

The 6th-grade concert was on December 8, the 7th grade concert was on December 13, and the 8th-grade concert was on December 15.

The 6th graders played eight songs. These songs were “Two Celtic Dances,” “Miniature Symphony, and Hiawatha,” which were played by the 6th-grade orchestra. “As Winter Comes Again” and “Winter Waltz” were sung by the 6th-grade chorus. And “Dark Star, Be Still My Soul,” and “Tadpoles,” were played by the 6th-grade band.

When interviewing Mrs. Megan Robison, the 6th-grade orchestra teacher, she said, “The kids absolutely blow me away with how hard they’re working. They took the music we had, absorbed it really quickly, and were able to shine throughout the concert.”

The 7th-grade concert was on December 13. The 7th graders played eight songs. These songs were “Regal Overture,” “Moonlight Tango,” and “Wellerman,” were played by the 7th-grade orchestra. “Winter Lullaby” and “Cold and Fugue Season,” were sung by the 7th-grade chorus. And “March of the Hyperion Guards,” “Let It Go,” and “Pirates of the Barbary Coast,” were played by the 7th-grade band.

When interviewing Mr. Greg Winters, the 8th-grade band teacher, said, “I am ecstatic and happy to finally be coming back up to where we should be. COVID did a huge number on our ability to play.”

The 8th grade concert consisted of nine songs. The orchestra played “Terra Nova,” “A Little Winter Night Music,” and “Music from the

Pirates of the Caribbean. The choir played “Wishing Star,” “Carry the Light,” and “Jingle Bell Rock.” The band played “Chromatic Express,” “Anthem,” and “Festive Florish.”

The concerts were overall a great success.