The Bedford Middle School Art Show Returns


Did you know that there will be over 4,200 pieces of art for the Bedford Art Show?

To some students’ amazement and maybe a little confusion, their and others’ art have been appearing on the walls of Bedford.

This is due to the Bedford Art Show which will have its opening night on May 5 from 6-8 pm, including works from students, comic book club, and the BMS art collective.

“We are excited to finally bring back something that makes Bedford feel alive. We try to hang up as much as we can and have a real variety to the pieces,” said Mrs. Cecily Anderson, an art teacher helping make the event possible.

Mrs. Anderson was able to share just how the art show manages to put up all these works,

“We can’t do this show without the help from everyone from custodians, cafeteria staff, teachers, and administrators. We have a team of about 10 parents who help us sort the artwork to hang near students’ teams and of course staple, matte, hang, and even alphabetize some displays. We work with the PTA on planning food for the event. We also work with our specialty music groups to plan a whole celebration of the arts. It’s a total team effort, said Mrs. Anderson.

And lastly, to those students who were hoping to have their artworks put up but don’t see them, keep an eye on the TV displays for slides from your digital portfolio.