Wonka-Play at BMS!


Nick Matra

The cast rehearsing in what will be the Chocolate Room.

Oompa loopa, doopady doo, theres another play coming real soon.

With Bedford’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Coming to Bedford April 29 through May 1st, get ready for the return of a classic. Watch in as Bedford’s 6th graders take the roles of the iconic characters from the chocolate factory.

Cameryn Brink and Noah Tomasovic will play Charlie Bucket, the good hearted soul hoping for a golden ticket.
Phoebe Nunziato and Serena Diamond will play the spoiled Veruca Salt.
Nadia Stubbs and Delilah Berniker the gum chewing Violet Beauregarde.
Jake Martin will be the chocolate loving Agustus Gloop.
Noah Bruno will play the TV addicted Mike Teevee.

Harper Iglehart and Samantha Skopp will play the iconic Willy Wonka, the mad chocolate genius.
“I love the people that i get to work with, and also just the thrill of preforming,” said Harper.
The show is currently in its rehearsal phase and features BMS 6th grader.

7th and 8th grade student directors from Bedford’s first play “Annie” help the 6th grader run through lines and rehearse.
Director Ryan Smith leads the group of parent volunteers helping with: snacks, costumes, and programs.
Get your golden ticket to watch April 29.