A Mets Fan’s Take on NY Baseball Season

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A Mets Fan’s Take on NY Baseball Season

Finnegan Courtney, Staff Writer

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Well, what’d you expect?

The Mets, who were coming off a season of disaster in 2017 missed the playoffs, but their record and talent improved.

Then, there are the Yankees. Oh, Yankees, what expectations you had. You thought you were going to win the AL East and win the World Series. Then, you are hit by reality and Boston crushed you in the standings and in the ALDS (Oh, 16-1 anyone?).

Let’s try and figure out what happened to the two New York teams. Let’s rewind.

Coming in after a truly disastrous season, the New York Mets were in a shaky place between contending for a playoff spot and blowing it all up, AKA rebuilding. They had signed numerous players like, slugger Jay Bruce,  all-Star Todd Frazier, backup catcher Jose Lobaton, veteran and all-time great Adrian Gonzalez, 17-game winner Jason Vargas, top reliever Anthony Swarzak and got a new manager, Mickey Callaway, the former Indians pitching coach.

They were the best team in all of baseball in the first weeks of April, at 11-1.

Rich Shultz (Getty Images)
Brandon Nimmo #9 of the New York Mets slides safely into third base for a triple before third baseman Miguel Andujar #41 of the New York Yankees can apply the tag from a game this spring.

Then, I had to start writing a Mets-Yankees article in April on the Mets’ success and the Yankees’ failure. In short, I jinxed my favorite team in baseball and helped my least favorite team in all of baseball. Yikes.

Things went downhill after that for the Mets, as they went from first place to last place at the all-star break. They traded former ace and former fan favorite, Matt Harvey to Cincinnati. Chief playoff choker and All-Star Jeurys Familia to Oakland and both Asdrúbal Cabrera, all-star second baseman as well as Jose Bautista who was signed in late May and quickly became a bright spot until his trade to the Phillies as well as Cabrera.

And now the usual bad things that happen to the Mets. Their bullpen was a dumpster fire. June was historically bad. Noah Syndergaard somehow contracted hand, foot and mouth disease, a common illness for children. The Mets refused to call up the best player in the minor leagues for reasons unknown. Injuries, left and right, up and down, from nose to foot. They lost 25-4, and Jose Reyes pitched (That’s not a good thing) in a major league game.

However, there was, as always, a few bright spots for the Mets. Jeff McNeil, a minor prospect for the Mets bloomed into a star for the Mets in the second half, as did Zack Wheeler who pitched to the lowest ERA in baseball in the second half. And speaking of ERA, give a hand to your 2018 NL Cy Young Winner, Jacob DeGrom who had the best ERA in baseball and one of the greatest pitching seasons of all time. The future is very bright for the Amazins’ and they could contend next year for a playoff spot.

And now to the Bronx Bombers. Expectations were so high! You guys got Giancarlo Stanton, the MVP in the NL last year and more money than some small countries, yet it just wasn’t enough to help you guys even reach the ALCS.

Seriously, you guys got former MVPs and relievers galore, but your rival crushed you trice in a four-game series in Boston when they were swept, in the standings and absolutely in the ALCS. Sixteen runs to one run is not a good thing,

Yankee fans and now y’all are demanding to trade Stanton, sign Machado, sign Bryce Harper and of course, fire Boone. More young talent oozed from the minors like Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres. I mean, you’re a shoe-in for playoffs next year after you get more stars in free agency and wait for it, raging Yankee fans in the comments, you don’t win the AL East and lose in the Wild Card. Bam!, it’s out there.

Well, that’s all for the Bombers. Yankee fans, I await your hilarious comments below.

There’s always next year for the blue and orange and for the Evil Empire of the Bronx, and I cannot wait.

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