Robbin’s Predictions on Upcoming MLB Season


Aaron Judge hit 39 homeruns last year. How many will he hit this year?

The MLB is back, and it is better than ever. The lockout is done and everyone is excited, but when baseball was stopped for a long time, you might have forgotten or missed what happened this offseason. So with that, here are my complete division predictions with some facts about each team.

AL East
1. The Tampa Bay Rays
Expect the Rays to be very good and especially this year as it’s former No. 1 prospect, Wander Franco’s first full season. Overall the Rays will be a scary team.
2. The Boston Red Sox
The Boston Red Sox didn’t get better until the end of free agency when they signed shortstop turned second baseman Trevor Story to a six-year $140 million deal.
3. The Toronto Blue Jays
The Blue Jays will be in their home stadium. Expect Vladmir Guerrero, Jr. to be amazing and help the Blue Jays be a very good team.
4. The New York Yankees
The Yankees didn’t get better this offseason, but they didn’t get worse. The only notable thing they did was trade for Josh Donaldson.
5, The Baltimore Orioles
The Baltimore Orioles are just not good enough.
AL Central
1. The Chicago White Sox
The Luis Robert, Eloy Jimenez outfield duo is amazing. Expect the White Sox to be a team that is a contender for everything.
2. The Minnesota Twins
The Twins are looking to change their under .500 record so they signed former Astros Star shortstop Carlos Correa to a three-year $105.3 million deal.
3. The Kansas City Royals
To be completely honest with you, Kansas City Fans should just be focused on football. Veteran catcher Salvador Perez will be swinging for the fences while prospect Bobby Witt may come up this year.
4. Cleveland Guardians
There is really nothing to say about this team except that they will be mediocre.
5. Detroit Tigers
The city of Detroit has a bad sports team, but they have two top-5 prospects according to so don’t count them out.

AL West
1. The Houston Astros
The Astros have been a dominant but hated team for a long time. The thing is they lost star shortstop Carlos Correa in free agency.
2. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Shohei Ohtani and a healthy Mike Trout! They are arguably the best two players in baseball, and they’re on the same team. This team could win it all this season.
3. The Seattle Mariners
If top-5 prospect Julio Rodriguez comes up from the farm system this team would get so much better. Outfielder Jarred Kelenic is looking for a bounce-back season. This team can give a challenge to the Angels and Astros.
4. The Oakland Athletics
The A’s are a very good team, but they are built for the future not right now. They traded stud first baseman Matt Olson to the Braves for three prospects including number 59 overall prospect Shea Langeliers future star CF Christian Pache.
5. The Texas Rangers
This team is nowhere as good as the other Texas team, but they just signed star second baseman Marcus Semien and Star shortstop Corey Seager so expect them to be headlining this team’s highlight reel.

NL East
1. The Atlanta Braves
The Braves are coming off a massive World Series win without star LF Ronald Acuna, Jr. Though during this offseason they lost Star Freddie Freeman but ended up trading for another Star in Matt Olson, I wouldn’t consider it too much of a downgrade. But they lost World Series MVP Jorge Soler to free agency. Overall though expect the Braves to pursue a title.
2. The New York Mets
On paper, the Mets have a roster that could win the World Series. That is not how baseball works. With the signing of Max Scherzer and the return of Jacob DeGrom, the Mets become a good team, but the thing is, can they stay healthy and consistent?
3. Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies have 2021 NL MVP Bryce Harper, and I don’t expect him to get worse. Bryce Harper alone will be the reason the Phillies have a chance to become a playoff-caliber team.
4. The Washington Nationals
The Nationals are in a very similar situation as the Phillies, except Juan Soto instead of Bryce Harper. I don’t expect them to do so well this year.
5. The Miami Marlins
The Marlins are just a bad team. No explanation. But young star Jazz Chisolm is a fun player to watch, and they have traded for Joey Wendle and signed 2021 World Series MVP Jorge Soler. They will be a fun team to watch.

NL Central
1I don’t know if you have noticed, but this division is really boring. The Brewers our pretty mid, but everyone else is worse. Let’s just move on.

NL West
1. The Los Angeles Dodgers
Don’t worry, this division is not boring at all. The Dodgers lost two stars, Corey Seager and Max Scherzer, but they traded for Freddie Freeman. Now this Dodgers team is going into opening day with four former MVPs on their roster. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win it.
2. The San Diego Padres
The Padres weren’t amazing last year, but they have the best shortstop in the league, Fernando Tatis Jr. Tatis is an unbelievable player and will make this team elite.
3. The San Francisco Giants
Last year the San Francisco Giants shocked everyone when they put up 107 wins for the best record in the league. This year they have lost Kris Bryant so that will make them a little bit worse. But this team could be absolutely amazing this year, or absolutely horrible.
4. The Colorado Rockies
Last year the Rockies traded star third baseman Nolan Arenado to the Cardinals. This year they lost Trevor Story to the Red Sox. On the bright side, though, the Rockies did sign third baseman Kris Bryant to a seven-year $182 million deal. This team is not going to be good.
5, Arizona Diamondbacks
The Diamondbacks are bad. Really bad. But they are still a very fun team to watch and could definitely win some games that they are not supposed to win. They also just signed Ketel Marte to an extension. It would be interesting to see what this team does this year..