R.I.P. Defense

Jasper Brinkley and the New York Giants defense are like a lot of teams that don't know what to do when it comes stopping offenses

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Jasper Brinkley and the New York Giants defense are like a lot of teams that don't know what to do when it comes stopping offenses

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Shreyas Gorre, Shreyas Gorre

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In the NFL,  defenses are limited to how much physicality they have.

According to the first few weeks of the 2018-2019 season of the NFL, teams are having high scoring games. It’s is as if the defenses don’t even know what to do. The offense has so many protection rules that the players don’t know how to stop them.

Back in the day, hall of famers were able to make some jaw-dropping plays. For example, Lawrence Taylor, a Giants Hall of Famer, was able to make the whole game turn around just by himself. He would stay back in the field and when someone caught the football, he would hit the guy so hard that he would be going 5-yards backwards. This would probably get a player ejected today. Defensive players have been limited to how physical they can be.

Previously, teams would only score about  10 to 20 points, and that was considered a lot. But today, that would be considered a small amount. In week 2, four quarterbacks achieved more than 400 passing yards. This has never happened in the NFL. In weeks to come, it should be more expected. Every week there is usually about 40 points scored from about five teams. The defenses are very restricted of ways to stop the offense.

there are so many flags during the game now. If you looked closely at all the games you would realize quarterbacks throwing more Hail Mary’s more than you may have ever seen them throw. Almost every time the players miss the catch, but the referee throws a flag, which is most likely pass interference. There are so many other places where flags are called on the defensive line. Roughing the passer is a widely criticized penalty, especially after what happened to Packers linebacker, Clay Matthews.

Clay Matthew was in, and there was very little time left in the game. They had to stop the Vikings on this drive. It was fourth down and the ball was snapped, but suddenly Clay Matthews comes out of nowhere and decks the other team’s quarterback. Then the flag was thrown and boos came from everywhere. This was Clay Matthews fourth roughing the passer in the season.

Defense players aren’t able to be as physical as they use to be. This seems horrible for defenses and defense fans, but there are a few pros to this. For example, now there are fewer offensive players getting hurt, offenses can run routes knowing one of there players aren’t getting knocked out by a player.  Also, offenses are making more plays and most games are coming down to a kick which is very suspenseful, and fantasy points are going through the roof. If you are a big fan of defensive players, fasten your seat belts because it is going to be a long season.


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