Virtual Veteran’s Day Enlightens 8th Graders


Alex Gaines, Writer

Wednesday morning, each pod of 8th Grade students were enlightened by four different veterans and their stories during Bedford’s virtual adaptation of Veteran’s Day. Veterans, such as Peter Kolbrener and Bob “Bubba” Nishti, shared experiences of their time in the Army, whether it was facing dangerous chemicals in the Chemical Corps or trying out for the Air Force Band.

Students eagerly asked questions, such as “What was basic training like?” “What was life like after coming back from the military?” and “Have you ever done anything that you’ve regretted?” The Veterans not only shared their own personal stories, but they also educated the students on how the military works and operates. 

Students really enjoyed the day of listening to all kinds of stories from these veterans, flooding the zoom chats with “thank you for your service” and “that’s so interesting!”  One student, Elliot Galin, responded to the lecture of Peter Kolbrener, a former member of the Chemical Corps, by saying in the zoom chat, “This is probably one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard.”

While the Veteran’s Day this year was virtual, it was just as spirited and heartfelt as ever, teaching 8th-grade students the values and importance of service and Veteran’s Day through a Zoom screen.