Westport Calls a Delayed Opening So Teachers Can Plan for What if


Julia Berg, Staff Writer

On March 9, the Westport school district sent an email to all parents informing them of a three hour delay the following morning. During this delay, the school will be having a meeting regarding the possible closing of schools as a result of the coronavirus. The teachers will be discussing online classes for students.

Lately, COVID-19, better known as the highly infectious coronavirus, seems to be the focal point of discussions in our community and globally.

 As the virus spreads and draws closer, many anticipate a possible quarantine and are taking steps to prepare. 

For each subject, depending on the grade, students will have at least 30 minutes of independent work. The work will be the same for all students grade-wide, so the curriculum may be taught in a different order

To help with the work at home, the school is trying to get Chromebooks into the hands of every student at Westport. At BMS, 8th graders already have Chromebooks, and 6th and 7th graders will receive their own in the next couple of days. 

While teachers are coming in to essentially change the way they teach so it can be done remotely and beyond the walls of the school, students are taking the delay and the possibility of being out for weeks in stride.

“I honestly don’t care that much. I’m not worried about myself. Specifically, I’m more worried about those with diseases,” said Libby Turner, 8th grader.

8th grader Annabelle Luo is also more worried about others than for her own safety. “Single parents are going to be out of work, which means no income, which is a big problem” said Annabelle.

Another student worries about what the virus and the angst it is creating is doing to the world. “I heard about an Australian man, and he collapsed because of a pre-existing health condition. Because he was Chinese, no one gave him CPR, and he died. This is blatantly racist if you ask me.”