Camp Craze Brings a Camp Maze

Alex Gaines, Staff Writer

It’s finally June, and while thoughts of school still flood your mind, you have some other important things to think about. Cabins, bonfires, and friends are all part of one of the most popular summer activities —camp.

“Every year there are new people, and it’s nice to get to meet everyone,” states Dani Schwartz, a 6th grader who is thrilled about camp. And she’s right. Meeting new people is a large reason why people go to camp.

The American Camp Association (ACA) states that there are around 12,000 camps in the USA, including both sleepaway and day camps. The camps are attended by more than 11 million kids and adults.

Summer camp dates all the way back to the late 1800s, and while there were fewer than 100 camps in the United States before 1900, by 1918, there were more than 1000.
Camp is an $18 billion dollar industry, complete with the exciting events (usually including “color wars” or “olympics”), cozy cabins, and memories to last forever.

So, Jimmy needs to get to Camp Wanna! Can you follow the twists and turns to get to his tent and campfire?