The Xbox Series X review


The Xbox series x- the most powerful console ever. Here is my review. I have been using my Xbox Series X every day now, and I must say, it is amazing.

The loading times to get into games has drastically decreased, giving me more time to play games. It also eliminates a lot of lag, which provides for a smoother gaming experience. This is because of the sheer power of the device, more powerfull then some PC units.

I have also noticed improved graphics on games. For some games I play, certain DCL files have become available, improving the graphics even more. The images have become sharper and vivid, making things in-game look a lot better. This is especialy true when you have a display which can support high refresh rates and high quality pictures.

Another cool feature is called quick-resume. Say you are playing a game, but your friends want you to play a different game with them. You can play with them and then go back right to where you left off in your previous game. This makes it quicker then it already is to get back into the action of your favorite video game.

All of these different aspects improve your gaming experience by a lot, which is why the next-generation consoles cost so much and are in such high demand. But if you have not upgraded your console in a while, it is definitely worth the price.