WORDLE The Game Everyone Is Playing

WORDLE The Game Everyone Is Playing

Over the past month, the game WORDLE has taken over the Interest of many middle schoolers and teachers.

The way that this game works is you have six guesses to find a random word. If one of the letters in your guess is green, the letter is in the word and in the right place. If it’s yellow, then it’s in the word, but in the wrong place.

If it’s gray, it’s not in the word at all.

Each day there is a new word that you have to guess. There are advantages and disadvantages.

If you wait to do the “Daily WORDLE” you put yourself at risk of other students spoiling it and ruining the fun of guessing. Many middle schoolers use different starting words, like quiet, crane, parks, audio, and a lot of others.

“WORDLE is very addictive, I think it’s also on the plus side, a fun way to get students excited about doing games that are intellectually stimulating,” said Mrs. Kristina Rodriguez, the seventh-grade purple LA teacher. Mrs. Lorien Hallama the seventh-grade red pod teacher talks about WORDLE in the classroom. “I think anytime that there is an opportunity to make learning fun or language fun, I think that will help students to be more invested in word study.”

There are a lot of other different types of WORDLE games, such as NERDLE, WORLDLE, and POELTL. NERDLE is just like WORDLE, but you have to find a random equation instead of a random word. WORLDLE is the global version where you have six guesses to guess a country. And POELTL is the basketball version where you have to guess a basketball player in the NBA. WORDLE has truly become a popular game at BMS.