BMS Saving on Paper and Printing Ink Due to COVID-19

BMS Saving on Paper and Printing Ink Due to COVID-19

Notebooks, assignments, artwork, stories, and much more have been more digital than ever before. Why? Well, it’s mostly because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, with a little bit of more than half of students being online, whether it being Cohort A and Cohort D (distance learners), or Cohort B and Cohort D, a lot of work, readings, and more are being done digitally.

Due to this, many teachers have been using Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Forms, and more to create quizzes and classwork. Though for some it may be hard to navigate, there is a plus side to this whole digital thing: saving on paper and printing ink.

Sue Bastein, secretary to Dr. Rosen, says this “We’ve saved quite a bit of money compared to last year by moving to digital; we’re spending approximately half compared to the same time last year.” 

Gargi Karve, a 6th grader at BMS, has different thoughts about this topic though.  Gargi says,“It’s great that we are saving paper this year. But sometimes it’s hard to study only online for some things.”

As you can see, there are ups and downs that come in every situation. That other half of the money that their saving can go to other useful BMS things that can benefit students and teachers alike. To learn more about how paper helps and saves the earth, click here.