Influencers Get Attention


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More than just a soccer player, Ronaldo is an influential spokesman for a number of products like his cologne CR7.

The Internet is a vast web, filled with history, videos, images, books, and just about virtually anything else. Among the trillions of these, some stand out. Many of the incredible features of the Internet are known as influencers.

These influencers do great things, such as saving the environment, being a famous sports player, to smaller things, such as being good at gaming.
Influencers have impacted our lives in many ways. On average, a middle schooler spends around 90 minutes on Youtube, and the average middle schooler spends between 45-180 minutes on their phone.

Who does Bedford watch? From all of the influencers on the Internet, some stand out more than others. MrBeast, one of the most adored Youtubers, is one of Maadhav’s favorites. Maadhav was asked why Mrbeast was one of his favorite Youtubers, and he answered, “Because he is funny.”
Unspeakable, loved and hated (mostly hated) is one of 6th grader, Austin Charise’s favorite Youtubers. Austin says “One of my favorite Youtubers is Unspeakable, because he is funny and his videos make me laugh when he does 24 hour challenges and 3 AM challenges.”

Will likes OverSimplified. He says, “I like OverSimplified because of his videos, his videos are educational and they are historical.”
Cristiano Ronaldo is a soccer player for Manchester United. He is known for being part of Save the children, UNICEF, and World Vision. Over all, according to Indiatoday, he donated $1.08 Million dollars to three hospitals in Portugal, helping them fight COVID-19. “There are fans, monitors, infusion pumps, and beds. All the equipment that constitutes an intensive care unit equipped to provide care to a COVID-19 patient,” said a worker at one of the hospitals he donated to.

Overall, influencers are pretty cool people who bring different levels of happiness to our daily lives. So next time you watch an influencer, think about what they do for you.