Tech Review: A New iPhone! ‘Meh.’

William Jin, Staff Writer

The iPhone has been one of the most influential inventions of the century.

It was so shocking that it sent the world into a frenzy. First came the businesses. Before the iPhone, most software businesses were slow and lazy, but when it was invented it in 2012, whether or not it had a smartphone was the crucial factor that decided if it would sink or swim. Everyone suddenly wanted one. In that one year, Apple earned over $200 million off iPhones only, according to the “New York Times.” No matter what you say, the iPhone changed the history of electronics forever for better or for worse.

For years now, the announcement of new iPhones has been a huge thing. Millions of people were amazed at the better graphics and faster loading times of the iPhone2, which got even better. This year, a new iPhone called the iPhone X has been announced, but strangely, no one has really cared. Here’s why:

First of all, the new iPhone isn’t all that breathtaking. Yes, the 2 million pixel screen is a step up from the 1 million pixel screen of the iPhone 8, but the difference really isn’t enough for consumers to see. Yes, maybe the cat video you are watching might be slightly more fuzzy, but it doesn’t really matter.

Another feature of the iPhone X that has been advertised a lot is the facial recognition feature. Again, this system will probably prove faster than the fingerprint method in previous iPhones, but this isn’t all that big of a change. Even though it might be better than putting your thumb over the home button, it’s not that big of a difference.

Again, no one really cares.

This goes for the other features such as wireless charging, animoji(ugh) and the brand new cameras. The changes that CNBC documents just aren’t big enough to notice.

Second of all, many people have been criticizing the loss of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. This “upgrade,” many claim, is not an upgrade at all. By forcing people to only use one outlet for all their needs, Apple is forcing people to buy wireless headphones that cost quite a bit. This has caused the trust for the company to diminish. The same goes for the new wireless chargers.

Many people are worried that if they want to get a wireless charger, Apple will overcharge them.

All of these factors spell trouble for the iPhone X. I know some people might be hyped, but I’m more excited for Madden 2017.