An A-MAZE-ing Vaccine!

Mack Haymond, Staff Writer

Vaccines seem to be all the rage right about now, with the COVID-19 shots finally starting to roll out to the general public in some areas. As of right now, it’s estimated that the vaccine will be available to everyone over 16 in Connecticut by April. So, among all the craziness, I figured I would try to turn it into something fun and enjoyable: a maze!
It was a bit of a lengthy process, but I eventually got it done. I had to use a special maze generator that was able to turn a black and white image into a maze. In all reality, the hardest aspect of making it was turning a photo of a vaccine shot into a black and white mask. Eventually, I decided to hand draw an outline and then make it black and white in Photoshop. From there, I uploaded the photo to the website, and voila! The COVID-19 vaccination shot maze! And yes, it’s as hard as it looks. Have fun attempting to weave your way through this maze!