Pets and How They can Affect our Grades and Focus

Lily Gray, Staff Writer

Pets – we love them, even when they are annoying.

I have a pet too, a rescue dog called Bear. He helps me when I am doing distance learning because when I am bored, I give him a scratch and I’m suddenly smiling.

And when I don’t want to do my homework, he lays down on me and snuggles with me and i\I’m suddenly filled with motivation. And when I have a big test, he leans on me and licks my face till I’m ready to work.

When I’m bored at distance learning and I start not paying attention, he will lick me and I’ll be back on task. This impacts my grades because the more I study, and the more I pay attention, the better I understand the topics we are talking about.

A study published on shows that “pets can help reduce stress and anxiety and increase motivation and learning. They also improve kids’ attitude.”

Another study by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry shows that ” Pets can provide physical activity, comfort contact, and loyalty.” Pets are a great source to teach kids responsibility, which also helps your grades and focus.

So, after reviewing these studies and articles, pets are a great asset to help you with your schoolwork.