Bedford Middle School’s Supply Exchange

The content in lockers are going to have to be picked up and school materials at home brought back:  Not easy in the COVID pandemic.

The content in lockers are going to have to be picked up and school materials at home brought back: Not easy in the COVID pandemic.

Julia Berg, Staff Writer

On March 11, the students of Bedford Middle School grabbed their instruments, school Chromebooks, and backpacks as they received the announcement that their school would be closing the next day due to COVID-19. They left many possessions behind, not knowing when they would return. Now, as the summer nears, BMS is faced with the task of organizing their normal student-school supply exchange, but under the restrictions of the current pandemic.

Before discussions of a plan began, the school created a chart of the materials involved in the trade. The chart, titled ‘Materials Exchange Between the Students and Families and BMS’, has two columns. Under the first column, labeled ‘Students and Families Need to Return’, Chromebooks, LMC books and Course Texts, and other loaned school materials are listed. The second column, called ‘BMS Needs to Distribute’, names student locker contents, student artwork, yearbooks, student medication in the Health Center, URSUS sweatshirts, and Lost and Found items. All of these items will need to be exchanged in a system for the school of over 1,300 students.

Since the final plan will involve a large number of people, the school must analyze and revise it to ensure everyone’s safety. Principle Dr. Rosen explains this early step of the process in an email, writing, “Most important is that we develop an exchange system that is as safe as possible for everyone involved in whatever process is finally devised to make this happen. Right now is too soon for anything like this to transpire due to the presence of Covid-19 and the need to review our plans with various district and health officials to make certain that the process we design is considered completely safe.” Once the draft is approved by officials and is finalized it will be sent to the entire BMS community. 

Currently, the school has organized a no contact drive-thru system. The drive-thru will take place over three days: June 15th, 16th, and 17th. Students will hand over their school-owned supplies and in return will receive their items; however, individually requested items cannot be retrieved from inside the school. Each pod team in the three grades will have a designated time slot, which as of now are not assigned. As the school year comes to a close, Bedford Middle School will work to assure that every person has their correct items and is safe in the process.