Scare Tactic with a Purpose

Scare Tactic with a Purpose


We all know vaping is bad.

Vaping is extremely dangerous. We’ve been told this by our parents, our relatives, the administration, even this very newspaper. With all this info, then why do some kids keep doing it and starting it?

We think that the message isn’t getting through. So, this editorial is here to scare you guys and girls about vaping.
Literally scare you.


— The Staff

Vaping can give you lung disease and get addicted to nicotine, which makes you use more nicotine products. It can also slow brain development, especially in teenagers. Vaping may also cause other types of addictions, and it can also cause serious lung damage. It may also kill people. There could also be other harmful chemicals in the e-cigs that are not presented to the person buying the them. Therefore, there could be even more terrible effects that people don’t know about. We wanted to know what the school is doing to help prevent vaping, so we talked to Principal Dr. Rosen, and what we found out is encouraging.

“Two years ago, when we saw an increase,in the country and locally, in vaping,” said Dr. Adam Rosen, Bedford principal. “We did a review of our health curriculum. We discovered we were only touching on anti-tobacco, anti-vaping education in 6th grade. We’ve expanded to all three grade levels. We believe that addressing vaping is optimal for students.”

All of this is important because there have been too many people hurt by vaping, We hope students and all people stay away from vaping.