STAFF EDITORIAL: Bedford Working to Keep Mold in Check

Over the past few weeks, rooms have had to be closed due to mold. The rooms affected have been the a storage closet near the Engineering and Design room and the 150 and 110 pods.

Two years ago, Coleytown Middle School was closed due to the presence of mold and the health risks associated with it. Now, Bedford faces a similar challenge.

Maintaining a mold-free school is of great importance because combining two schools at CMS is not an option due to the larger size of Bedford.

We can not flee to a different school. We must tackle our problems while kids stay in the building.

We extend our sincere thanks to Superintendent Thomas Scarice, Principal Adam Rosen, and the BMS custodial staff for dealing with this ongoing problem. Our school leaders are working with industrial hygienist consultant Hygenix to determine how Bedford can maintain its role as a safe place for learning. Hygenix has meticulously cleaned and replaced the moldy insulation. Staff at Ursus News would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work keeping the student, teacher, and staff populations safe while allowing Bedford to remain open as a place of learning.