Speak out! Sixth Graders, What’s Bedford like?


Blake Carlson, Staff Writer

Hey six-graders, how’s it going? The first year at any new school is an important one. There are new routines, new classes, new ways to study, even new food. So we asked some sixth-graders to tell us how things are going and what they thought of middle school. (Online, names have been removed.)

“Middle school is okay. Lunch is way better. Going to different classes is fun; however, kids don’t really follow directions. People are running through the halls, etc.”
“Middle school is full of changes. Getting to switch classrooms gives an opportunity to move around, stretch, and get a short break from school work.”
“Middle school is lots of fun! Switching classrooms and having several teachers allows for students to meet new friends and be exposed to different personalities.”
“I love it a lot more than elementary school. There is a little more homework, but it’s a reasonable amount and easy to manage. In the beginning of the year, all the responsibility was a big change. You are responsible for your own homework, grades, etc. But as the year goes on these changes are becoming easier.”
“It’s kind of different from elementary school. Getting to switch classrooms gives students more freedom and responsibility, as well as getting to experience different teachers with different teaching styles.”