Set Our Lockers Free, Please

Part of a middle schoolers’ lifestyle is getting to school in morning, going to their locker and talking to their friends at their locker. But that has been changed. This year due to COVID 19 there are no lockers. Well, there are lockers, but they are not in use. We believe students need the lockers back.

Kids have a lot of things they have to bring to school such as books, chromebooks, binders, lunch boxes, engineering projects etc. They need a place to put them that they feel is safe and secure. It could be very heavy and possibly hurt kids’ backs and it’s annoying worrying about belongings not locked up. Plus, it is also annoying to have to carry everything around. We don’t have a place to put our coat; we don’t have something we could decorate.

The school’s reasoning for getting rid of the lockers is COVID.
It believes that having lockers means there will be more people in the hallways, thus preventing social distancing from taking place. This staff is all for mask wearing and social distancing and doing whatever it takes to slow the spread. But lockers aren’t going to get people COVID. Especially with masks on. There is going to be less of a chance from getting COVID from being at your locker then walking and talking in the hallways, which is what some people have to do because they have nowhere to go in the morning and their teachers haven’t arrived at their first period class.

Lockers are part of school. They are part of how people in a school connect.

In conclusion, lockers are important for a schools’ safety and security. It’s a social aspect. It’s important and it’s a fundamental part of any school to make sure students personal belongings are safe. Kids should not have the burden of carrying around a backpack all day.
That’s why we respectfully ask to have the lockers back.