Ursus Lets You Speakout

John Caggiano and Nick Lolis

BMS recently enacted a revised cell phone policy. There have been a variety of opinions on this topic, so we decided to interview students and teachers. Some thought it was effective and beneficial, while others said they already followed it. However, the majority of students interviewed objected to the policy.

“I think it’s not good because if there was an emergency no one would be able to call their parents.”–a 6th grader

“It’s having no effect on me. I follow it already.” –a 7th grader

“I agree with the phone policy because students are participating more because there not on there phones during class. Another thing I’ve also noticed is that students are a lot happier.”–Aric Wellman

“Most people before it already follow the policy.”–a 6th grader

“It’s an unfair rule.” –a 7th grader