Bathroom Sign out Makes Us Feel like Children

Nicholas Lolis, Issue Editor-in-Chief

So, lemme get this straight.

We have to write down that we are going to the bathroom in order to go to the bathroom?

The school makes us students have to take time from going there and write down that we’re going there. The teacher must know that the student is simply in the bathroom. I want to stress how childish this is for students.

If students want to go to the bathroom, they should just ask and go. Easy. Done and done.

But unfortunately, the school system says we have to sign out—an annoying task that I wish was not in the school.
However, some people argue that the reason we have to sign out is because the teacher needs to know where we are at all times.

Okay. A better way would be for the teacher to just remember. A student asks the teacher and goes. The teacher makes a mental note that the student is in the bathroom, and when the student comes back, class can continue.
Simple enough, right? Well, some people think that students should sign out because the teachers should know where students are in case of an emergency.

But the teacher already knows, and every student knows what to do in an emergency; get out of the bathroom and go to the closest classroom. Simple. Done. The fact that a student should have to sign out to use the bathroom is unnecessary.

And also, if the teacher forgets, the teacher can ask another student where the first student is. If no one in the classroom knows where the student is, then the teacher should just wait for the student. The student will have to come back and get their backpack, and when they do, the teacher can talk with them about how long they were gone. No need for signing out. Also, signing back in is annoying.

The system creates so many problems that most kids (at least eighth graders) don’t do it. Instead of signing in, most students just want to go back to their seats and do their work. They don’t want to have to state when they came back into the room. If the teacher sees them, they’re back.

The rule of signing out should be abolished. It’s pointless and there are other ways for a teacher to know where a student is.

No one wants to do sign in or out; the information is not used by the teacher for anything. It’s simply a waste of time.

Not to mention, there is also the problem that the bathroom sheet is a waste of paper. The school system could be using the paper to do literally anything else. It’s also a waste of printer ink. The ink could be used on the paper that is not being wasted on the bathroom sheet.

Sign in sheets make us feel like children, and that we are being watched constantly by people in power.
Teachers should help us mature and grow older, not make us feel younger.