America, We Have a Problem


Henry Carson

President Trump has been acting like a petulant child for… well… his entire President.

Finnegan Courtney, Staff Writer

We have a problem as a country.

No, it isn’t overpopulation, it isn’t middle school mold issues, it isn’t lead in waters, it isn’t the New York Mets.

It’s a problem with the President of the United States. Donald Trump is slowly, but surely ruining our country through no fault of the common folk but of himself.

He has recently shut down the government for a historic amount of time and he has pushed for funding of a border wall that most agree would be irrelevant and easily traversed.

He has fired numerous cabinet members and mostly appears like he is becoming mentally unhinged.

His former lawyer in front of Congress recently called him “racist,” “sexist,” and says he was instructed by Trump to threaten people 500 times.

He declared a national emergency; an action to get higher approval ratings which have never been over 50 percent. All this shows how much discord and tension there is currently in the country. Government workers went without pay checks for three weeks; there have demonstrations, and protests by citizens, Democrats and Republicans are completely divided on issues, and our

President is doing next-to-nothing to fix it.

We need a change, and we need one quickly. His State of the Union address, once rescinded by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, occurred on Feb. 5 and was full of lies.

When a CNN notification comes out about the State Of The Union that says “We’re fact-checking his claims,” you know that something is completely wrong.
He is acting, in short, like a petulant child. He is holding his breath and having tantrums so that he can get his way.

That’s not the way government should work, and it is sending a poor message to everyone.

Thank goodness for the presidential election in 2020, when the country, hopefully, will not make the same mistake twice.
I pray that all of those who voted for Trump in 2016 have learned enough not to vote for him again.