Girls Just Don’t Want to be Judged

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Girls Just Don’t Want to be Judged

Samantha Felner, Staff Writer

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When it comes to being pressured and having to meet expectations, it is too often the girls who feel victimized.

In our society, it is apparent that the standards set for women and girls are difficult to meet. Girls today get the impression that they have to fit a “perfect” image. When young girls are flipping through magazines or scrolling on social media, they see perfect figures that make them feel that they need to have a tall, skinny body with perfect skin and hair. As well as feeling they have to measure up physically, the majority of middle and high school girls feel pressure to always be involved with the popular crew and create a personality for themselves that boys will “like.” While girls are playing sports, doing work, and meeting the popularity standards, they are expected to look good doing this and be , well, perfect.

While these expectations are “oughts” to be met by girls, they can often be punished for taking action to try and meet these standards. Take this for an example: In society, it is told that for a girl to get the attention of a guy, she will have to dress in something that she believes will catch the eye of the boy because this is what all girls have been taught by television, magazines, and society. While this may bring positive attention towards her, there can be negative consequences on the opposite side of the spectrum. Adults, parents, and others, may look at them and think about how inappropriate they are dressed, and find themselves looking down upon this young girl. Girls are regularly penalized for trying to fit the “ideal” standards.

Immaturity in boys, however, is invariably tolerated, but with girls, this is not the case.

When a boy does something childish or immature, adults or teachers mostly respond with indifference or the common phrase, “Boys will be boys,” meaning they will grow out of it, and they will learn later in life to grow up. When a girls does the same unsophisticated action, they are punished. In some cases, they will be told that this was “unlike them,” but this is really because they expect differently from girls. People nowadays, expect girls to have matured earlier in life, and most times, this is the case. It is forced into young girls’ minds at a young age that acting immature will not be condoned as a female.

While girls have all these expectations, it can not be forgotten that boys do as well. There is an image that boys have to be masculine: “Don’t cry, be tough, and fight back.” Males and females both have standards they feel they need to meet. So many people feel compelled to fit this unrealistic image that is displayed in front of them.

Instead of trying so hard to be this person others want you to be, be who you want to be, and break these expectations!


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