Can you Trick-or-Treat from 6 Feet?


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Pumpkin wearing medical face mask in flat design. Halloween festival in Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak concept vector illustration on white background.

Alex Gaines, Staff Writer

Every year students look forward to dressing up as their favorite celebrity, character, or creature to collect candy for Halloween. But how do you trick or treat from six feet? 

Connecticut government website,, explains some government-established guidelines for Halloween gatherings and trick or treating. First of all, don’t expect to be handed your candy right at the door. For those who choose to hand out candy, you must “remain six feet from the Trick-or-Treater.” So does that mean that candy has to be thrown from inside a house hallway? Or maybe placed on a set-up conveyor belt? The Connecticut government recommends placing a bowl of candy outside your house so there is no physical contact between the Trick-or-Treater and the house owner. Let’s hope we can trust kids to actually only “take one.”

Trick-or-Treating isn’t the only Halloween festivity that the CDC has taken over. The Connecticut government also has put down some strict regulations for Halloween parties and gatherings. They suggest all “house parties” should now be virtual, held over a Zoom or FaceTime. No haunted houses, no hayrides… these rules are limitless. Is October 31 even called Halloween anymore? Let’s hope we can figure out ways to celebrate that abide by these strict rules.