Clubs from Home: Science Olympiad




Alex Gaines, Writer

Middle schoolers are ecstatic that BMS has finally opened up for real, in-person school again. However, there is one thing that just seems missing from this new school year: clubs.

Every day after school, tons of kids would stay after the final bell to draw comics, plant seeds in gardens, and write newspaper articles. However, with only half of the students in the school at a time, and a lot of the activities not being social-distancing friendly, students are asking if there will be clubs at all – and if so, how will they be conducted?

One such club is Science Olympiad, an extremely popular club that encourages students to explore and investigate different science topics through fun activities and events. However, some of these activities involve shared classroom materials and other circumstances that do not follow the school’s social distancing rules, such as “Mission Possible,” where students would be encouraged to build their own Rube Goldberg machines.

This year, Science Olympiad is to be experienced completely over Zoom, and is apparently much more personal research-based rather than interactive activities. However, students are still excited to participate in this year’s Science Olympiad.,

“I’m really excited because this year,” said Aditya Mittal, an 8th Grader in Blue Pod. “Science Olympiad has less events so there will be much more competition, and we can work together more easily than before. Additionally this time the invitationals (practice competitions) will be online, so we can go to many more since there is no constraint about how far away the invitationals are.”

As you can see, there are actual benefits to Science Olympiad from the comfort of students’ homes.

Science Olympiad’s successful 2018-2019 year: