Pizza Back on Menu After Six-week Hiatus


will boberski

7th graders select their slices of pizza. Pizza was off the menu for six weeks due to a national ingredient shortage and pizza dough mix that contained sesame and eggs.

Issabella Alafoyannis, Staff Writer

The. Pizza. Is. Back.

For six weeks pizza was missing from the cafeteria at BMS, but this week cheese pizza and pepperoni made their return.

“I am very impressed with the new pizza,̈ said 8th grader Cecilia Vita. “̈The old pizza was a little greasy, burnt and sometimes crunchy but now the pizza is fluffy, greaseless, and chessy.”

The reason for the absence was that there was something in the crust that could have hurt people with allergies so they had to take away the pizza for the safety of all.
The vendor who supplied us with pizza dough had a manufacturing issue and could not supply us with the amount we needed,”̈ said Ms. Deborah

Will Boberski
A 7th grade enjoying a slice of pepperoni pizza in the cafeteria.

VanCoughnett, director of food services for Chartwells at BMS. “The alternate product contained egg and sesame which we did not want to offer to our students being that many of them have allergies.”

Apparently, pizza is a big deal at BMS.

According to Ms. VanCoughnett BMS middle schoolers and teachers eat on average 50 pizzas a day—that’s 400 slices. Right now she said the school was eating 75 pizzas a day because “Everyone is excited to have pizza back.”

To many middle schoolers pizza is the perfect food. It tastes good and ¨It can have all five food groups, fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy,”̈ said 7th grader Adi Mittal.

There are many who hope we never have another pizza shortage again. “Ï think it’s good that it’s back because people have been wanting it for a long time,” said Alex Esser, a 7th grader.